New Laws and Regulations June 2018

New month, new laws and this month is no exception. Here’s what to expect.


Diesel Ban

Hamburg becomes the first federal state in Germany to ban all diesel cars that have not achieved the Euro-6 emissions standard. However, this ban only applies to two streets in Hamburg-Altona North, whether this is a sensible solution, remains to be seen

World Cup Watching past 10 pm allowed

Well, if you have been here long enough you know that the Ruhezeit runs from 10 pm till 6 am, basically you’re not allowed to make noise during this time. With the World Cup starting this month, some games will be playing past 10 pm and for those that love watching the game with others, there’s some good news. There will be an exception during the World Cup allowing groups watching the game to enjoy themselves even with the noise even after 10 pm. For those that don’t even know when the World Cup is, it will be running from 10th June till 15th July, just so you know when you can’t call the cops on your neighbours for noise.

Higher wages for Logistics Employees

If you work in the logistics sector in Baden Württemberg, then there’s something to celebrate. The wages will be increasing by 3.2% this month and again by an additional 2.6% from April 2019. Azubis will receive 40 euros more from September 2018 and an additional 40 euros from September 2019.

Extra Licences for Tractors

For the farmers and foresters who use tractors and other vehicles that drive at a maximum speed of 50 km/hr, from this month onwards, you’ll need to get a licence from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Religious cross in Bayern

All government offices in Bayern/Bavaria will have to have a religious cross hanging at their entrance. There has been criticism over this but the current Ministerpresident, Markus Söder, argued that the cross should not be seen as a religious symbol but as a cultural identity for people in Bavaria.

Return of illegal Weapons

If you have an illegal weapon that you would like to give up, this is the time to do so without risking being prosecuted. Everyone with an illegal weapon or ammunition has until 6th July to hand them in to the police. The amnesty is to reduce the number of weapons and ammunition in public ownership.


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