DAAD Awards 300 Scholarships to Garissa Students

Daad kenya

Up to 300 students from the Garissa University College who survived the deadly attack on 2 April 2015 will be awarded scholarships for the continuation of their studies.

The scholarships are awarded by the DAAD Regional Office for Africa and financed by the German Ministry for Development. The programme aims at helping students get back on their feet. In selected cases, the DAAD will also cover  medical and counselling expenses. 

German Ambassador to Kenya, Andreas Peschke, said:
“I am pleased that Germany is able to provide additional support through a scholarship programme to survivors of the terrorist attack on Garissa University. We stand closely with Kenya in the fight against terrorism. This scholarship programme is a commitment and a clear sign that terrorism cannot stop students and institutions of higher learning to carry out their important work towards personal and national development.“

“With this offer, we want to show our solidarity with the Kenyan students”, DAAD President Professor Margret Wintermantel said. “Access to a solid education is a strong weapon against any form of terrorism. Many of the Garissa students hail from humble backgrounds. In many cases, they are the first ones in their families or villages to ever attend university. We want to strongly encourage them to hold on to their dreams for their future, despite the horrors they went through.”

Garissa University College students have been continuing their studies at Moi University since May. The scholarship programme will run for one year and will cover tuition fees, a monthly allowance and accommodation costs.

The beneficiaries of the scholarship programme were jointly selected by the DAAD, Moi University and the Commission for University Education (CUE) based on a needs assessment. During the scholarship period, the scholarship holders will be assisted by DAAD Alumni from the Kenya DAAD Scholars’ Association (KDSA).

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