(Un)Healthiest Professions in Germany


Depending on your profession, you might spend most of your retirement in hospital or enjoying the golden years. Focus online ran a survey to find out which professionals fall sick more often based on how many days they reported sick in a year.

The healthiest professions

  1. CEOs and Top Management – 6,9 days (although they experience the most stress)
  2. Architects and civil engineers – 8 days
  3. Auditors – 9,6 days
  4. Sales and Procurement – 9,8 days


Unhealthiest professions  – most opt for earlier pension

  1. Gardeners and florists – 20,3 days
  2. Construction workers – 20,7 days
  3. Healthcare workers and nurses – 21,9 days
  4. Professional drivers – 26,9 days
  5. Bus and tram drivers – 28 days


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