Looking for Families To Host Kenyan Kids on Tour in Nürtingen

Nafsi Acrobats Kenya

A Verein in Nürtingen, the Trägerverein Freies Kinderhaus, is looking for families to host a group of Kenyan children coming to Germany this November.

The children’s group that includes 14 boys and girls from Nairobi will be part of the „Kinderkulturkarawane“ that will be touring the whole of Germany. The children who come from the less fortunate parts of Nairobi are part of the Nafsi Acrobats, started in 2010 at the Kivuli Centre.

The Kivuli Centre was started by a priest, Father Renato Kizito and is located in Kabiria in Riruta Satellite in Nairobi.

The aim of the Nafsi acrobats is to raise funds to help educate these children and offer a support group for them.

The group will be in Nürtingen from 2nd to 4th November to present their show titled, „Die Playground-Show“. They promise to entertain and inspire you with their show.

To ensure the show in Nürtingen is a success, the organisers, Trägerverein Freies Kinderhaus, are looking for families to host at least one child from the group for 2 nights. If you are willing to help them out and help educate a child from the Nafsi Acrobats and the Kivuli Center, please contact:

Julia Rieger


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