Refugees in Dadaab Kenya Send Solidarity Messages to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Children in Dadaab
Some of the children at the refugee camp in Dadaab holding out their letters to the Syrian children living in Jordan.

Children in Dadaab, one of the largest refugee camp in the world located in Northern Kenya, came out to send solidarity messages to Syrian refugees in Jordan.

The idea that was started by CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V. had children at the high school in Dadaab write heart-felt messages that they addressed to Syrian children currently living in Jordan as refugees.

So my fellow brothers and sisters, we are with you. Don’t worry. – Alfatah Kerow Aden

God willing, you will get peace and prosperity. We love our brothers and sisters in Jordan – Alrahman Aden Bulle

Peace will come to you. Insha Allah. – Alwahab Mohmed

Hassan Mohamed Al-Kaadir2
Letter by Hassan Mohamed Al-Kaadir

The letters together with the pictures of those who wrote them were delivered by the CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V. officials to the Syrian children in Jordan.

Syrians receive letters from Dadaab
Syrians in Jordan send their appreciation after receiving the letters from children in Dadaab.

All pictures courtesy of CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.

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