Cost of a Driving Licence in Germany: Comparison of the Most Expensive Cities

car-speed-limit-1Getting your driving licence in Germany can sometimes cost you the same price you’d pay for a piece of land in Ruiru. Some prices are just outrageous. Surprisingly though, despite the difference in pricing, you get the exact same thing with the same value.

If you are planning to get a German driving licence, a comparison of costs is definitely worth your time. In one city you could have one person paying €950 and another €2218. The cheapest driving school is in Berlin, while the most expensive is in Munich.

Costs incurred while undertaking a driving course include:

  • Registration fee at the school and also at TÜV for the exam
  • Theory classes
  • Cost of renting learning equipment or buying books and CDs
  • First-aid course
  • Driving classes

Below is a comparison of costs in the major cities.

Click on Image for larger image.
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