Choosing the Correct MBA Program


The Master of Business Administration is an American invention that was aimed at experienced Engineers or other technical professionals who wanted to take up higher management roles. Today it has spread the world over and in Germany, it is catching up. There are currently over 250 Programs offered by more than 180 institutions in the country, but how do you choose the perfect one for you?


The MBA is generally for professionals who’ve worked for several usually around 2 years and would like to get into Management.

EMBA or the Executive MBA, is for an older crowd with most Universities requiring between 5-10years work experience to be allowed in. This is aimed at Managers who would like to climb higher. Considering most of those who take part are usually older and hold higher positions in their companies, this program is usually shorter and is often offered as part-time.

CMBA or the Corporate MBA, is similar to the normal MBA though it includes working while studying. It is a Duales Studium program.


Unlike other study courses in German Universities that cost close to nothing, MBAs tend to be more expensive.  In Germany the cheapest you can get is at €18,000 while the most expensive is at €65,000. In the USA, the most expensive is at €100,000.

Generalist or Specialist

Although an MBA is generally supposed to be broad and non-specialistic (is that even a word?), some Universities have gone a step further to offer specialised MBAs e.g. the Hamburg Media School that offers an MBA in Media Management or the Bordeaux International Wine Institute that offers MBAs in Wine Management and Wine Marketing.

International Programs

Do you want to do it at your local University or do you want to criss cross the world to go visit a new place and experience a new culture while at it? Some universities do offer a 50-50 program e.g. at the Strathmore in Nairobi, where you take most classes in Nairobi and as part of the program you spend a month in Europe visiting major blue chip companies.


An MBA usually takes between 1 and 2 years depending on the University. In some you can extend depending on your schedule.

Full time vs Part time

In Germany you rarely get a full time MBA, while some programs like teh EMBA only exist in part time. Choosing which to take can be a struggle. For the full time, you have to become a full time student thus sacrificing your salary. While for the part time, you have to juggle the studying and working which can be a bit stressful.


You have to choose whether to take it up in German or in English. Some Universities only offer MBAs in German but most especially the private Universities offer MBAs in English.

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