Kenyan Voodoo Priestess and Her Successful Black Magic Business in Germany

Achieng' Ovieto
Kenyan Voodoo Priestess, Achieng’ Ovieto

Kenyans are entrepreneurs with some of the most interesting business ideas you’ve ever heard and now with the internet, it makes it even easier to start business from across the oceans.

Betty Malay
Betty Malay

Achieng’ Ovieto lived in Frankfurt in Germany for 6years, where she studied German Studies (Germanistik) but her true calling wasn’t to be in Germany doing German studies. She had been brought up by her mother who was a very powerful voodoo priestess in Kisumu where she hails from. She had been taught in the powers of the ancestors.

15 years ago while Achieng’ still lived in Frankfurt, she met Betty Mwasa Odhiambo at a Kenyan event. Betty at the time was in her sixth semester studying medicine at a German University. Betty was born in Nigeria, and had grown up in Germany where she had gotten the Abitur before proceeding to Medschool. The meeting with Achieng’ was the beginning of a very strong friendship.

After living in Germany for a while, the calling was too loud and she decided she to return back to Kisumu and serve her ancestral bidding. In 2000 when Achieng’ packed her belongings to return to Kenya, Betty followed her. Betty became Achieng’ apprentice and for ten years Betty learnt about black magic and witchcraft. In 2010 Betty eventually graduated as a Voodoo Priestess.

Achieng’ is known to be one of the most powerful witches in the world, thus Betty’s fascination to be her apprentice. Betty has since returned to Germany and works as a Voodoo Priestess here. Achieng’ is still in Kenya but has an assistant, Betty Malay, that communicates with her clients in Germany.

According to Achieng’s website she works on simple love problems to very complicated ones and she promises no negative effects to those who use her services. In case someone uses her magic only to find that the opponent had gotten magic from someone else, Achieng’ promises she will make sure the opponent’s magic doesn’t affect you but is instead driven to animals or even stones.

Although Betty was schooled under Achieng’, for her she doesn’t promise success with her magic. On her website she gives the disclaimer that magic works differently for different cases and it can’t be guaranteed that it will work. Achieng’ on the other hand is sure of her skill and promises to solve all kinds of problems.

Gone are the days you’d have to go to forests to meet the voodoo priests, both Betty and Achieng’ offer an online form where you can email your problem to them before they can decide what kind of charm you would need. The whole transaction can be done online without you ever meeting any of them.

Achieng’ promises to keep all your information private and she will delete all your information from her system immediately the transaction is completed to maintain your privacy. Considering she is in Kisumu where internet connections aren’t the best and she’s also too busy to answer to every email. The emails will be replied by her assistant Betty Malay who is based in Germany. Her assistant is also responsible for sending out the Voodoo paraphernalia like dolls and charms to the clients in Germany.

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