Kenyan in Dortmund Fights for Right to Circumcise her 6-Year Old Son, Court Refuses

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A Kenyan woman living in Dortmund was in court this week fighting for the right to circumcise her 6 year old son, but the court wasn’t for it. The mother argued that her son would be ostracized in Kenya if he wasn’t circumcised.

Although the German law made it easier for foreigners and Germans to circumcise their sons, this case in particular “did not hold any water”.

According to the court ruling, the boy and his mother live together in Dortmund and rarely ever go to Kenya. Furthermore, the mother had already had her son baptised in an Evangelical church. The court instead allowed the children’s service (Jugendamt) to decide instead of the mother, although the 31 year old Kenyan holds the sole custody of her son.

According to the Children’s service, the boy and his mother did not understand the dangers of a circumcision; also the mother wasn’t willing to accompany her son to the surgery thus exposing the boy to potential psychological trauma.

Parliament last year passed a bill that made circumcision of boys legal (this was after they had passed another that made it illegal which made the Jews and Muslims go up in arms thus the reversal). The law now allows the circumcision of Jewish and Muslim boys ONLY and with the help of a doctor, nurse and when possible a circumciser.

Habari ndio hiyo, if you want your son circumcised…change your religion or location.

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