“Alcoholics can be productive members of the society” – Former KIG Advices

Ann Mathu

Alcoholism isn’t something that happens immediately, it’s gradual.

The stages of getting into alcoholism are:

  • Experimenting stage
  • Social stage – you only drink during social gatherings or events
  • Instrumental stage: use alcohol to manipulate others and forget your problems
  • Habitual stage: you drink everyday, you can’t function without it
  • Compulsive: live to drink and drink to live. You drink as you await your death. If not treated can lead to death.

Alcoholics want to be noticed, they want attention regardless of whether the attention is good or not.

A lot of money and freedom at a tender stage led to her becoming an alcoholic.

Abusing alcoholics doesn’t help them because they don’t understand what your problem is. An alcoholic is usually the last to accept they have a problem. They believe they can control the alcohol while in reality, the alcohol controls their life.

Alcoholism has no cure, you can only manage it.

Listen to the alcoholics, nobody listens to them. Alcoholics suffer in silence. Alcoholism affects you holistically, financially, socially and mentally.

Most rehabilitation centres in Kenya are private, but there are 3 that are owned and run by the government, namely:

  • Mathare Mental
  • Coast General
  • Moi Referral in Eldoret

Alcoholics seeking for help can call NACADA Helpline – 1192 in Kenya to find out where the nearest rehabilitation centre is or just talk to someone.

If you’re in Germany, you can check the article: Where to get HELP in Germany for people with a drinking problem to find out which rehabilitation centres or Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are close to your area.

Alcoholics are social, in addiction and in recovery. Alcoholics will buy people rounds, where do you hear people buying others around of tea?

Alcoholism is shameless. Alcoholism is a chronic disease. Alcoholics chose to drink BUT they didn’t choose to be addicted.

We should look at what makes alcoholics relapse? Usually the family is the cause of a relapse. When recovering alcoholics are made to feel useless, they may relapse to get back to their comfort zone.

Family members should join the alcoholics in family therapy. Alcoholism is a family disease.

Poor Parent-child relationship is the main cause of children and youngsters getting into alcoholism and drug addiction. Alcoholism starts in the home.

Alcoholism cuts across the board, it doesn’t matter your education level or your financial status.

Alcoholism blinds you.

Kama hujaanza, usianze. Kama umeshaanza, punguza, kama huwezi punguza seek professional help.

Alcoholism isn’t the worst kind of addiction, there are many other addictions that are easier to conceal but are worse.

Alcoholics can be productive members of the society.

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