Kenyan Lady Shares Her experience in a Refugee Camp in Potsdam


Angela Wanjiku (not her real name) came to Germany 4yrs ago and had been living in the Aslybewerberheim (refugee camp) since her arrival in Germany. She explains that she had never felt safe living in the camp. Men living in the home would harrass the women and touch them inappropriately.

But her greatest fear in the camp was one of the men living there who shortly after her arrival had tried to take advantage of her by putting a sleeping tablet in her drink. “I’m not the only one he has tried to do this to. The care takers in the camps already know that this is something this guy has tried on many other women here but they do nothing about it”, the 36 year old Kenyan told the reporter.

“ I just don’t trust any of the men living in this camp who just sit around and do nothing all day. Many have undergone traumatic experiences in their home countries that tend to make them unstable. I can’t trust them. I just keep away from all of them.”

Today, Angela’s status has changed and she has been able to move out of the camp but she hasn’t forgotten her time there. She continues to work with Women Exile e.V. (remember the organization run by Betty Ngari) to help women living in these camps.

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