Kenyan Wins DWJN Cartoon Competition in Berlin

Victor Ndula Award in Berlin
(L to R) Victor Ndula (Kenya), Samuel Mwakinga (Tanzania), Dr Jack & Curtis (South Africa)

In celebration of the African Union turning 50, the Third World Journalist Net (Dritte Welt Journalisten Netzes, DWJN) organized its 5th Cartoon competition this time dubbed „Change the Perspective“- African Unity – Illusion and Myth or Imperative and Opportunity.

The aim was to get African cartoonists both in Africa and in the diaspora to “change the perspective” of the world on Africa. 68 cartoonists from 20 African countries applied for the award. The winners were chosen by an independent jury appointed by DWJN.

Amazingly, 2 of the 4 winners were from East Africa.

The First prize on €5000 went to DR JACK & CURTIS from South Africa,with their cartoon, ARE WE THERE YET?

The Second prize of €2000 went to Victor Ndula from Kenya for his UNITY IS IMPERATIVE FOR AFRICA’S SURVIVAL cartoon.

And last but definitely not the least was the third prize of €1000 that went to Samuel Mwamkinga from Tanzania for his AFRICAN UNION CHALLENGES cartoon.

Wondering who Victor Ndula is? Here’s what his online bio says:

“Victor Ndula has worked professionally for eight years, four of those freelancing and four as a fulltime editorial cartoonist for the Star. Doodling early in his school books, Victor’s career path was firmly on course.

Passionate about telling the African story through his cartoons, Every morning he is tasked with the responsibility of reminding, persuading, cajoling his readers to pay close attention to issues affecting them.

As a cartoonist, Victor hopes his work will bring humor to our breakfast tables as he articulates pertinent issues without fear or favor.”

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