Kenyan Teacher doing Internship

Michael Titus from Kenya

Meet Michael Titus a Kenyan teacher who teaches German at a private primary school in Kenya. He has been a teacher at Tiwi (the private school) for quite a while. The school is financed by the German organization “Asante”.

As part of an exchange program with Goethe Nairobi, Michael was visiting the Auguste Viktoria Schule (AVS) in Schleswig Holstein for an internship where he was to improve his German and also learn how the German teaching methods differ from the Kenyan ones to see what he can pick from it. The only issue I had with the article in the paper was when the interviewer talked to the teacher who runs the Tiwi and was hosting Michael in Germany. The interviewer asked, “How does German help Kenyans e.g. the children at Tiwi?” and the teacher answers that usually those that learn German in Kenya aim to become waiters, drivers and tour guides to the German tourists. Yaani all these children going to that private school will become waiters, drivers and tour guides for German tourists????? Aiiii……

I think that teacher should watch this video of Mr Konje from the embassy talking about the Kenyan culture and languages Mr. Konje at the ICD Berlin

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