Where to get Medical Care when you have No Health Insurance

Health Insurance
Whether illegal or not, sometimes people do find themselves in situations where they have no medical insurance. You can read how one looses their medical insurance here: When Falling Ill becomes Illegal – Living in Germany with no Health Insurance.

Whatever the case, after a Kenyan recently passed away from a treatable disease because they couldn’t access medical care due to the fact they were undocumented, I thought I should share this list of places where people can see a doctor and even access medication if they have no papers. The service is free of charge also for those that are legal but have no medical insurance.

By law, doctors should treat even those without papers and discuss payment after the person has been treated but most people fear that these doctors might call the cops on them, thus never visit any hospitals or clinics.

If you have any that I haven’t included, feel free to add it in the comments below or send me an email or message on Facebook and I’ll add it to this list. (most of these are found in many other towns, so you can copy the name and add your town as you google)

  • Ärzte der Welt – aerztederwelt.org
  • Armut und Gesundheit – armut-und-gesundheit.de
  • Malteser Migranten Medizin – malteser-migranten-medizin.de
  • Medizinische Flüchtlingshilfe Berlin  – medibuero.de
  • medizinische Flüchtlingshilfe Bochum – mfh-bochum.de
  • medizinische Flüchtlingshilfe Göttingen – gesundheitsversorgung-fuer-alle.de
  • Ärztliche Flüchtlingshilfe Dortmund – medinetz-dortmund.de
  • Medizinische Flüchtlingshilfe – medibueros.m-bient.com/startseite.html
  • Medinetz Rostock – medinetz-rostock.de
  • Medinetz Bonn – medinetzbonn.de
  • Refugio e.V. – in Stuttgart  refugio-stuttgart.de/
  • proFamilia – profamilia.de
  • AKARSU e.V. Berlin – akarsu-ev.de
  • Maisha e.V. Frankfurt – maisha.org
  • Gesundheitsamt in every town
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