Sperm donors might not remain anonymous after this court ruling

For many years, sperm banks have maintained the anonymity of their “donors” as they helped couples and singles alike to reproduce without the complications of a partner or a surrogate but that might change soon.

Sara P. a 21 year old student has gone to court forcing Dr. Thomas Kartzorke, the doctor that sold sperm to her parents to reveal the identity of her father. The doctor who holds the right to privacy of his patients has refused to reveal the details resulting in the two of them moving from court to court.
Their first meeting was at the Essener Landgericht where Sara P. lost resulting in an appeal in the Oberlandesgericht in Hamm last December. This time the case looks better with Sara’s lawyer arguing that every child has a right to know its parents, all other arguments not withstanding.

The ruling of this case could affect 100,000 children that have until now been reproduced using donated sperm in Germany; of these 10,000 were reproduced at Dr Kartzorke’s hospital where mostly students donate sperm for money. In Germany the law stipulates that donated sperm from one person can only be used to reproduce upto 12 children; meaning if the court allows the doctors to reveal the identities of the donors, some could have upto 12children.

Dr. Kartzorke argues though that for the kids reproduced in the 80s and 90s it might be hard to get the real details of their biological fathers as the documentation weren’t taken seriously back then are they are today. If all the 10,000 kids decide to look for their fathers, it might cause ALOT of drama if they try to sue for child support.

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