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African Woman Carrying a Pot

Back to blogging after a 2yr break, feels funny.

Well, this is a new blog with a new identity. I plan to make this the place I’m free to be who I am and to share what I like. I’ve been on a journey not only with my hair; as you’ll soon discover it’s natural and in locks but also a personal journey. Discovering who and what I am. It’s been interesting, not the easiest road to take but the fun has been worth every second of it. Ofcourse I’m not done and now I embark on a new stage of this journey, the stage where I’m comfortable with me enough to talk about me online. Still not brave enough to have a youtube blog but oh well; a journey of a million miles starts with the first stride right?This blog will resemble the traditional kikuyu meal of Ngunja Gutu, that was traditionally made by combining left overs in one pot. It’ll include my many and interesting activities and encounters as I walk down this path called life. Come join me as I find, discover and celebrate my identity, as me, as a Kenyan, a foreigner in Germany, a student, an employee, an entrepreneur, a natural sister, a “culturalist”,  a friend, a sister, a daughter, a cousin (better stop, I have a huge family with very many relations) and best of all, as an African.
My love for Africa; African cultures, languages, music, food, fashion; Nigerian and Ghanaian movies (I’m an addict, guess the first step to healing is admitting you have a problem). My fascination with Africa is out of this world, you’d think I don’t know about all the issues the continent has but I LOVE AFRICA DESPITE THE CALAMITIES. I’M AFRICAN and PROUD, abi.

I think I should also warn you about the gbagaun you’ll meet in this blog, my english is basically gone to the dogs. My mum read this post she had soo many corrections to make, I decided instead of correcting all other posts, I’ll just warn you before you start reading.

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  1. Karibu Mkenya. I also came to realize that a blogging hiatus is one refreshing idea. I didn’t break for 2 years but I did take quite a long break.

    I love the pic.

    Ngunja gutu! I remember that meal.

  2. Thanx Shiko.

    I’ve replied to this comment 4times and it never appears 🙁 seems I need to reoil my blogging wheels.

    Do you have a Ngunja recipe? I’d like to try it out…..

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