Meet Kenyan Make-Up Artist Extraordinär Based in Düsseldorf

In a society where beauty plays a large part in the representation of human appearance, Evelyne Kirschbaum, trained beautician and cosmetologist’s profession is one to envy.

For a professional beautician, Evelyne believes in natural beauty. “A beautiful face and soul to match, one doesn’t have to always rely on makeup all the time”. She advises.

Coming to Germany 12 years ago, Evelyne left her hospitality career in Kenya to start a new life with her spouse. On arrival, she worked in a hotel with a strict routine and crazy shifts. When her daughter came along, she decided to get a more flexible job to give her time for her baby.

She chose a profession she had admired and even doubled in during her free time. Evelyne enrolled for a three year apprenticeship (Ausbildung) as a beautician and cosmetologists. Upon graduation, she quickly enrolled at the Beauty and Free Academy in Düsseldorf for advanced training for 8 months where she specialized in medical cosmetology.

With the training done, she took up a job at a Wellness Centre in Cologne.

Evelyne’s work is however not confined to the company she works for, she is famed for her artistic make-up jobs she has done on various models at events and working backstage for different TV shows and films. On the side, she also works as a mobile make-up artist you can call to come to you. With her make-up bag that never leaves her side, Evelyne can save a bad hair day, or facial malfunction in a jiffy. 

In addition to all these, two issues continue to plague her mind: lack of beauty products for dark skinned people in Europe and skin bleaching. She hopes to solve both of these by bridging the gap with better quality products.

“Life is sometimes too serious, beauty enhances a feel-good aspect”. She quips.

She says making oneself look good is a part of art that women must learn. And for that, Evelyne is here to help you learn. Evelyn offers makeup courses for three to six persons, where she not only explains how to do your make-up but also gives great facial and skin care tips.

Evelyne insists that makeup should be used to enhance appearances, but rather than being taken to hide flaws and put an artificial appearance of even as a coy for sexual appeal.

The vivacious, hardworking and ambitious mother of one says, in the beauty world she is ready to conquer and contribute to the welfare of women.

Interested in getting in touch with Evelyne? You can contact her via her Facebook Page: Evelyn Prof.Make up Artist,Fashion Stylist,Personshopper und Kosmetikerin

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