New Laws and Regulations November 2016

Gesetz Laws

New month new laws. As we draw closer to the end of 2016, here’s what November has in store for us….


The Postbank will be doing away with all the free accounts and instead introducing a fee for their accounts. The fee will be at 3,90 euros a month. Excempt from these will be young people till the age of 22 and anyone who earns more than 3000 euros a month.


Milk Prices

Milk is set to become more expensive this month. An increase of 10 cents will be expected on longlasting milk that currently retails at an average of 53 cents.


Landlord Affidavit (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung/Vermieterbescheinigung)

From the beginning of this month, landlords across the country will be required to issue an affidavit to their tenants. The affidavit will be used by authorities to confirm individual’s residence when they register at the local authorities. This is to prevent instances of people registering at a particular address, when they don’t live there.


Organ donations register

The law put in place in July now comes into effect. From now on, information on organ donors and those waiting on a donation will be recorded centrally. The register will be run by the Bundesärztekammer, GKV-Spitzenverband and Deutsche Krankenhausgesellschaft. Donors and beneficiaries will be required to give their approval for their data to be recorded in the register.


Refugees Registration

With the introduction of the Datenaustauschverbesserungsgesetz (DatAustVG), the government plans to improve the registration of refugees by including them in the central migrants register.

In addition, the refugees’ health insurance cards will include their status.

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