Kenyan Assailant Appears in Court Wearing a Paperbag

Tyler W.
Tyler W. in his “smiling paperbag” walking into the courtroom last week accompanied by security

A young Kenyan man from Brandenburg labelled, “Messermann” (Knife man) by the German media was at the Local District Court Tiergarten in Berlin to face charges levelled against him for attacking two strangers.

Saturday morning at 6:30 on 20th December 2014, a Kenyan man identified as Tyler W. walks into the Blue Bar along Müllerstrasse in Wedding. Tyler takes a seat, and dozes off. A few minutes later, he wakes up from his slumber and shouts at no one in particular, “I’ll f*** you all”. Then he turns to Peter B. and stabs him in the stomach before running off. On the street he runs into Sophie K. who had just walked out of a nearby bakery and cuts through her left kneepit, before running off yet again. In pain and disillusioned, Sophie staggers onto the road and breaks down, before she’s rescued by the paramedics.

Tyler is later apprehended by the police at a nearby bus stop. “His shirt was stained with blood and the only thing he could say in his defence was, “I have post traumatic disorder””, Stefan S. the police officer that held him to the ground said.

“When we arrested him, we approached him with our weapons pointed toward him. The Rambo-knife was stuck into his bloody belt. While lying on the ground, he kept threatening: Anyone that does not treat me with respect, has to face the consequences””, Susann L., a police officer that was there that night said.

Tyler W. Müllerstrasse Police
Tyler W. lying on the ground at the busstop on Seestraße, next to the weapon he’d used to attack Sophie K and Peter B. (Top right, image of the dagger)

With a large paperbag with two big holes for his eyes to look through and a big drawn on red smile, the now 24 year old Kenyan made his appearance in court last week. Luckily, the paperbag was only for his grand entrance, as the court process begins, he takes it off and looks at the judge innocently.

When asked what had led to the strange behaviour that night, Tyler had several explanations. He had drunk “ten pints of beer” that night which was quite unlike him. Furthermore, he had just come back from a meeting to raise funds for a close friend that had just passed on and that had troubled him emotionally. As for the lady he attacked on the street, he felt “mobbed” by her due to “his condition”. He was however sorry for his action and asked for their forgiveness.

Peter B. was quick to forgive and even dismiss the incident. “It’s ok, he had a lot to drink that night anyway, I understand”.

Sophie K. on the other hand wasn’t so gracious, “I’ll never forgive him. I’m still suffering from the pain.” Sophie had to be operated on and spent 10 weeks at home on sick leave after the incident.

When asked about where he had gotten the dagger he used that night. Tyler told the court he had bought it the day before the incident. He refutes that he had bought it intentionally to attack others. He had gotten it at the Flea market to slaughter a goat for an African party they had planned to have that Sunday.

The court process continues this week with the ruling expected on the 7th of May.

Tyler lives in Brandenburg but spends most of his time in Berlin. He came to Germany while he was still 17, he has no job and lives on social welfare from the state.

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