New Laws and Regulations September 2014

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As sure as the sun shall rise, so will the Germans introduce new regulations at the beginning of the month. Enjoy your September edition 😉 Christmas is coming 😉 😉

Vacuum Machines (Hoovers):

Manufacturers will no longer be allowed to produce hoovers with a power of more than 1600W (1.6kW).

Manufacturers will also have to put a label on the hoovers showing the amount of power they consume.

Minimum wage:

 Gerüstbauer will earn 10,25 Euro an hour.


Any MP caught receiving a bribe or being involved in any form of corruption will now get 5 years imprisonment.

New Cars:

The stricter emission class “Euro 6” will become binding. For cars running on petrol, the allowable nitrogen oxide emission value drops to 60 milligrams per kilometre; for cars running on diesel, the upper limit halved compared to the Euro-5 standard to 80 milligrams. For diesel engines, the allowable amount of soot particles also decreases to 4.5 milligrams.

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