Nanjira Sambuli, Martha Chumo and Other Kenyan Techies in Berlin for Re:publica 2014

Mugethi Gitau, Martha Chumo, John Matogo, Nanjira Sambuli
(l. to r.) Mugethi Gitau, Martha Chumo, John Matogo and Nanjira Sambuli

Re:publica is the “innest” tech event on this side of the Meridian. It started as a blogger’s conference and has evolved to attract  innovation hub managers, makers, hackers and entrepreneurs from around the world. It’s a three day event that’s organised and takes place in Berlin.

The event starts tomorrow 6th of May and runs until 8th May at the STATION-Berlin in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Topics at the event are grouped in various categories, namely:

  • Media
  • Culture
  • Politics and soceity
  • Research and Education
  • Science and Technology
  • Business and Innovation

Re:publica will this year include the Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) for the second time. AfriLabs, a network of 30 partner hubs in Africa, and members from the AfricaHacktrip, Founderbus, AfriMakers, iceBauhaus and Impact Hub will be partnering with GIG this year.

The event will feature over 70 speakers from around the world.

Four key techies from Kenya will be gracing the event, namely:

  • Nanjira Sambuli – iHub research Manager and a musician
  • Martha Chumo – founder of Nairobi Dev School
  • Mugethi Gitau – iHub community Manager
  • John Matogo – iBizAfrica Manager

Martha Chumo has such an encouraging story, she was denied a visa to the US because she couldn’t give enough evidence to show she would return after her training there, that despite the fact that she already had a scholarship at MIT. Now she’s making a name for herself building hacker skills in East Africa. She founded the Nairobi Dev School to help others become greater programmers. Nairobi Dev School is a 3 months training program in Nairobi that aims to revolutionize tech in Africa.

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