Why do Diasporans Find it Hard to Return Back Home?

Thika Road Kenya

Looking at the lives some diasporans live, they aren’t given the choice to stay or go back home. Looking at the remittances, it means there are diasporans who live to support relatives back home.

Guilt and shame, many come with hopes which are shattered. When they don’t meet the high expectations they had set for themselves, they become ashamed and don’t want to return.

I’d rather live on my feet in my home country than live on my knees abroad.

Problems facing diasporans:

  • Problems from back home
  • Problems they find in the diaspora
  • Language issues
  • Stigma

Succeeding in the diaspora depends on how strong you are, if you don’t take control, the situations may devour you.

Some Africans want to go back home, but the political situations in some countries don’t allow them to do so.

Some of us are disconnected from our countries, making it hard to return.

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