How Much do Cheap Airlines Really Cost?

SummerHolidayCheap Airlines are like the best thing since sliced bread, until you find out that you have to pay for the bread and the slicing.

My early days as a student, I thought these airlines were the ish. Five euros to fly across Europe, if that isn’t heaven especially on a student budget I don’t know what it. Then I discovered that you literally pay extra for everything that came with the flight and in the end it was more expensive than all the other regular flights.

Ryan Air even threatened to instal “sina tabus” (bar stools) instead of regular seats to ensure more people could fit into one flight and those who wanted a regular seat would have to pay extra. Imagine that. Anyhu, recently did a survey that looked at the different airlines and their extra charges…..These cheap flights aren’t as cheap as you’d think.

Billigflieger Nebenkosten Cheap Airlines Extra Kosts
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