Weirdest Questions and Requests at German Interviews

job interview

Job interviews make most of us nervous and downright humourless. Now when you get to the interview and the interviewer feels funny, you might just give a fake smile and get away with it but what happens when the interviewer is weird? Here are a few weird requests some job applicants have gotten from interviews that just threw them off.

1. Could you please bring a sleeping bag to the interview? (During the pre-interview phone-call)

2. Do you really think your tie matches your shirt?

3. How does someone who only got 5 points in math in the 11th grade come about the idea of becoming an analyst?

4. If you join our company, what will you need to work here? (Asked at an IT company)

5. How big is the market for razor blades in the world? (Asked at a car hire firm in Munich)

6.  Do you know how old you are? (Applicants was 58 at the time of the interview)

7. Boss: What is that ugly stain on that seat you’re on?

Interviewee: I have no idea

Boss: The staff’s cold sweat (At a bank in Essen)

8. If you get the job would you move?

9. Do you feel able to replace our burnt out architects? (At a Trade Fair and Events Company in Munich)

10. Boss: Why should earthworms wear leather pants?

Job applicant: So that they can also go to the Octoberfest… (applicant didn’t get the job at the bank in Munich)

11. Why are you here? (Software company)

12. How many golfballs can you fit in a bus? (At a social network in Cologne)

13. How many DVDs do Germans own? (At an agency)

14. Would you have a problem selling a product to a client when you know the client doesn’t need the product in the first place? (IT firm)

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