Four Policemen Suspended for Attacking a Civilian


Four policemen in Rheinland Palatine were this week, suspended from the police force for attacking a civilian. Two were charged with physically attacking a civilian they had arrested while the other two are charged with obstruction of justice for failing to take action against the attackers.The charges were based on a video (watch below) first made public by the Rhein Zeitung, which showed the policemen beating the man who lay helplessly on the ground.

The policemen were dismissed ffrom the force until the accusations were cleared up. Investigations are on going.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the person being attacked was a foreigner. Sometime earlier this year there was a story of a black man who was attacked by the police in Cologne and even after the youngsters who were coming from the club, scream and begged the police to stop it, the policeman continued to beat the black guy who lay on the ground. How the story went? Well like all others. The youngsters went to the police station and recorded statements against John Doe. And that was the end of that story.

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