Ausbildung: Anlagenmechaniker/in

Heizungs Techniker in Heizraum bei Heizanlage

Anlagemechaniker works with pipes, radiator and any other systems that have flow of fluid. They set up solar panels and such like systems.

Plumbing and heating installer (Anlagenmechaniker)  finish components and assemble them into equipment and piping systems. They also repaire, and rebuild them.

They mainly work in companies in the metal industry, for example, Boilers and tanks for the power plant construction or the food industry. They are also involved in businesses for oil and natural gas production, with gas, water, electricity companies and transport companies. Employment opportunities can be found in businesses beyond the electric plant, the refinery or the basic chemical industry.

The Ausbildung takes 3 and a half years.

1st year: 815–835 Euro
2nd year: 869–881 Euro
3rd year: 929–944 Euro
4th year: 976–998 Euro

You can compare the duration and earning with other ausbildungen or check the ausbildung ranking. Below are videos that try to explain what the Ausbildung is about.


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