Drunk Kenyan Attacked over Alcohol and Cigarettes; Attackers Released

Modern Day Slavery

Reporting somethings is even embarrassing. So here’s what happened. This 32 year old Kenyan from Postdam was standing outside a Supermarket drunk. He stood there pestering passers by to give him cigarettes and/or alcohol. A group came along that thought they should teach him a lesson, instead of giving him cigarettes and alcohol as he had requested, they decided to give him a thorough beating.

As the German neighbourhood would have it, a pensioner watching all these called the police but by the time the police showed up the attackers and the attackee had already left. You know the pensioners were there to give the exact details. Amazingly, the police couldn’t find any evidence at the site but the pensioners as always acting like the encyclopaedias had all the details, from who was attacked, where he comes from, why he was attacked as well as who attacked him.

With the details from the pensioners, the police arrested the three “suspects” (are they even suspects when the pensioners have even given their ages 24,24,32 and their house addresses….lol…jamani). So the guys were arrested but after they gave their statements which matched those of the pensioners, it was decided the attack wasn’t racially motivated and the attackers were set free.

The Kenyan had left the scene of the crime and couldn’t be found to give a statement on what happened. I guess the pensioners only knew the guy is from Kenya and his age but didn’t know his full name nor his address or phone number (lol…..you can’t put it past the pensioners to have ALL your details, more details than the police have…lol…).

This story is so sad but I can’t stop laughing, yaani majuu and you’re begging. Beer huku si ni €1 na sigara ni €5. And these pensioners….lol…they should work for the CIA. Mind you, they weren’t at the scene of the crime and yet they had more info than even those who were at the supermarket.

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