Understanding Africa, its People and Cultures

Agnes Meine
Agnes Meine braiding Lilly’s hair.

A while back the directors of the Kita in Spatzennest and Weinberg-Hortkindern aus Rathenow came together and planned an event to help the children understand Africa. The event is held regularly and is used to have the kids understand different countries and cultures. This time it was Africa’s turn.

The kids were treated to a whole week of learning about Africa, Africans and African culture. They learnt of Africa’s location on the map. The directors had also made an agreement with the refugee camp in Rathenow, to have a few Africans from the camp attend the event and tell the children about their lives in Africa.

From the camp there were Nigerians and Kenyans who came to have fun with the kids. Among them was Agnes Meine, a Kenyan who moved to Germany four years ago and has been living in the camp since then. At the event she took time to braid the children’s hair, a first for her and the kids as well.

They also cooked African food and danced to African music. The kids also learnt how to make some of the African instruments.

It was an educative week for the kids as well as the adults who took part in this intercultural event.

Do you think schools should be allowed to invite refugees to teach about cultures of the world?

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