200 Kenyans Invited for the Kirchentag, Only 10 Got Visas


During the recent Kirchentag that was organised in Hamburg earlier this month, 200 Kenyans were invited by the church to attend but only 10 were issued with visas. Apparently, according to the German Embassies in Nairobi and Mombasa where the visas were processed, the applicants did not have enough evidence to show they would return to Kenya after the event in Hamburg.Considering those invited were members of different churches in Kenya and most of them were the young people, I wonder what kind of evidence was required. Have there been so many Kenyans going underground after events that even church events are not a guarantee of honesty of the applicant.

This whole saga led to a huge discussion about refugees in Germany and Europe, especially how people come on vacation only to apply for asylum.

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