Salaries for Engineers Continue to Increase


If you’re studying Engineering, here are some good news to make all that hardwork less tiring….you’ll be earning a whole lot of money when you finally get a job.

According to a new survey by Vereins Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI), the salary for engineering beginners has increased by 4.7% since 2011 to €44,300. While the overall income for other engineers who are already in the business increased by 2.6%.

Engineers from a Uni earned more than those coming from a FH. Those from the Uni or a Technische Hochschule began at €45,000 while from those the FH started at €43,310. Also starting at a huge company has an advantage over starting in a small one. Those who started in companies with over 5000 employees got €48,000 while those in smaller companies with 50employees got €40,000.


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