Favourite Courses WS09/10 – Which Courses Did Most People Apply for this Year?

Hochschulstatistik Wintersemester 2009/2010

Although the number of students applying to join Uni is reducing, it remains at a record high, but what are most choosing to study?

The number of students who enrolled at German Universities this year reduced by 4.9% to 493,500 students compared to 2011 when 518,700 which still remains the second highest number ever recorded according to the Statistische Bundesamt in Wiesbaden.

The number of students who enrolled for Engineering reduced by 8.8% to 106,300, while the number of men choosing Engineering fell by 11,8% to 81,600%. Worth noting is that the number of girls taking up Engineering increased by 660 from 24,040 to 24700.

The number of enrolled students also reduced for other fields:

  • Maths and Sciences by 7.2% to 84,600;
  • Language and Culturalstudies by 5.1% to 82,600;
  • Law, Business and Social studies by 2.9% to 163,500.

Surprisingly the number of med students increased by 7.9% to 24,100 students.

During the WS 2012/13, there were 2,5million students registered at German Universities.

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