31.07 SCHOLARSHIP: Masters in Governance and Public Policy

Application Deadline – 31st July

Globalisation holds both great risks and immense opportunities; it also creates excellent career prospects for qualified graduates. One of the corner stones of the Master of Arts degree course in Governance and Public Policy is its inter-disciplinary curriculum, which prepares students for work at the interface of various academic disciplines.In the core modules and your chosen interdisciplinary focus modules, you will study political theory, governance research and, building on this, comparative theories of government, European integration research, the changing traditional institutions before the background of complex multi-layered systems, as well as public policy design and implementation. 

Foreign languages, empirical social research know-how and scientific theory round off the qualification profile of those graduating in this degree course.
This is an accredited course of study which has received the Seal of Quality of the Foundation for the Accreditation of Study Programmes in Germany.

Career prospects

Do you have your sights on a career in the upper echelons of public administration in Germany or abroad, or in a multinational corporation?
The Master of Arts in Governance and Public Policy gives you the ideal starting conditions for a career in a corporate or administrative environment, as it imparts in-depth theoretical knowledge, skills and methods in such a way as to prepare you for challenging occupations which involve elements of social science, business and law.
This opens up career paths in administrative structures in both the private and public sector, or as an independent political consultant, e.g. for advocacy groups or political parties. Alternatively, you could pursue an academic career, e.g. at a think tank, research institute or university, as this course provides you with a solid grounding in scientific working methods.

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Application – Through Uniassist or through the embassy in your country

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