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We’ve been having a huge problem with Au Pairs and Au Pair Agencies that deal with Kenyans both in Kenya and in Germany. Many au pairs are left hanging by their agents when they land in Germany and when they end up having problems with the families they have no one to help them change families or even solve the problems.Here is a list of reputable agencies that I got from reliable sources. These are Agents based either in Kenya or here in Germany that help au pairs through the application process as well as after they move to Germany, the agencies help go through the contracts and make sure the au pair is with a responsible family and in cases when the au pair needs to change families they help to do it through the correct ways and procedures.

If any of you have an agency you can recommend, please add it as a comment or drop me a line; my email; my fb page Mkenya Ujerumani.

DISCLAIMER: I have personally not worked with any of them, they were all suggested by former au pairs and other people I know who might have tried to get an au pair for themselves. Please read all documents before signing and if any of the agents sounds fishy and/or you feel uncomfortable working with them, get a new one. I cannot guarantee any of them, but I do trust the sources so I don’t expect any weird business from these agencies, but if anything untowardly does occur, please do inform me and I’ll remove them from this list.

Invia Köln

Au Pair Service Dr. Uwe Krenz Mannheim Deutschland
Fon: 0621/799 42 48
Fax: 0621/799 42 51

Volunta (By Red Cross)

English Speaking Aupair Agency,
AM Winacker 3. 83646 Bad Tölz
Tel: 08041 7953050

Agentur Walther
Au-Pair Agency and German Language school
Tel: 020 2011603
Cell: 0720 572263
(He also helps peolpe who want to come here for FSJ)

his partner agent in germany is
Au-Pair Agentur Susanne Flegel,
Gerhart-Hauptmann-weg 6, 61267 Neu-Anspach Germany,
Tel: 06081 964800,

Esther Biegemeier Global Aupairs agency
Wandsbeker Chaussee 151 22089 Hamburg Deutschland
Tel: +49 (40) 68990299
Fax: +49 (40) 68990298
Mon-Fri 10-16Uhr
Skype: GlobalAupair

Porapex Aupair and Travel agency
Uchumi House, 10th Floor,
Suite 6
Off Agha Khan Walk,
P.O. Box 26407-00100
Tel: +254 20 2210846,
Hotline: +254 726 862113

Mrs. Kamin –

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