Favourite Comedians

I love comedy, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane other than music. So when I’m not dancing, I want to laugh my heart out. So here is a list of (professional) comedians I like:

1. Eric Omondi – Kenya
2. Klint the Drunk – 9ja
3. Fred Omondi -Kenya
4. AY – 9ja
5. Churchill – Kenya
6. Gordon – 9ja
7. Hellen Paul (Tatafo) – 9ja
8. Russel Peters – India/Canada
9. Basket Mouth – 9ja
10. I can’t think of anyone worth this position, but no worries, I’m always out looking for new talent.

Just discovered a new one from a pal, called Trevor Noah from SA. He’s real funny (from the 5mins I watched, will look into more of his shows). Others I’m looking into but haven’t convinced me yet are Chigurl (9ja); Jalang’o (Kenya); a few of Mic Check (UG) and Flytime (9ja) comedians.

Others I like that are not professional comedians but are very very funny in their roles include:
1. Ikenna Azuike (What’s Up Africa) -9ja/Netherlands
2. Tonto Dike (actress) – 9ja
3. Ini Edo (actress) -9ja
4. Patience Ozokwor (actress) – 9ja

Funny thing is I hadn’t noticed almost all the people on this list are nigerian till I did this post. What?? Lol…I got it bad, better try some other nationalities but you can’t blame me every 6th African is a Nigerian right?

I generally find Nigerians funny…I actually visit nigerian blogs just to read comments and laugh i.e for those times I can’t afford to sit and watch a whole movie, then just visiting Bella Naija or Linda Ikeji’s blog gets me laughing like crazy and putting me on the fun side of life again *wink.

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