New Laws and Regulations August 2018

New month, new laws and regulations. Here’s what to expect this August.


Kita Fees partially Abolished in Some States

Parents with children living in Hessen or Niedersachsen can look forward to not paying any fees for their children’s day care. However, these fees only apply to a specific time period. The state will pay for daycare for the first 3 years before the child joins primary school and only for a maximum of 6 hours a day. Parents with children that attend daycare for more than 6 hours a day, will have to pay for the extra hours. It is expected that parents will save upwards of 50,000 euros with this new regulation.

Super Savings with the Deutsche Bahn

The Deutsche Bahn in a bid to attract some of the clients it has lost to the newly introduced long distances buses, has introduced “Super savings” offers. People interested in crisscrossing the country can look forward to prices starting at €19,90 for an economy class ticket and €29,90 for a first class ticket.

Scope of Electrical Waste expanded

Symbol indicating electric waste that requires proper disposal at the designated collection point.

From 15th August the list of everyday items that will now be considered electrical waste requiring proper disposal will increase. The revision of the Electrical Law will see items like flashing sneakers and bathroom cabinets with fixed lighting being considered in the same category of electrical waste was computers and tvs. These items will henceforth be required to be disposed off at the proper collection point. Items that fall under this category can be identified by the symbol of crossed out disposal bin.

New Law on Family Reunification for refugees

Refugees that have limited protection status, the so-called subsidiary protection beneficiaries, will from August 1st be allowed to bring in relatives into Germany. However, they will be required to prove humanitarian grounds for the reunification. Furthermore, only 1000 relatives will be allowed to enter the country a month. Refugees who might have committed crimes will unfortunately not be allowed this same privilege.

New Training and Licencing Requirements for Real Estate Agents and Managers

Real Estate Agents and Managers have some new laws to look forward to this month among them, the requirement for regular training i.e. 20 hrs of training every three years. Commercial property managers will be obliged to obtain a license under section §34c of the Gewerbeordnung (German Trade Code).

Further changes will include the requirement to have a Berufshaftpflichtversicherung (professional indemnity insurance) and to get an operational permit by 1st February 2019.

Bonus for undertaking a Meisterkurs

For people living in Brandenburg, if you have been contemplating undertaking a Meisterkurs, this is the time to do so. The Handwerkskammer (Chamber of Crafts) in Brandenburg is offering a bonus of €1500 to anyone who will have passed their Meister exam from April 2018.

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