The Weirdest Part-Time Jobs Students Undertake

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As it is, a student’s life is one characterised with scarcity of money and creative ways to make ends meet. Well, many students’ device ways to balance between the meagre finances and complete their education.

The classics jobs are waiting tables or babysitting, however creative and daring students are going out of the classical fields, to the weird. The extra money goes to pay for student rooms, wild parties and tickets home. Here is a look at the extremes.

The internet poker player

FOCUS found out that an Internet poker player can earn up to 3,000 euros a month. This means that the player must spend up to five hours per day on the online poker platform, and is only forced out of the poker room to attend classes. What starts as hobby, ends up becoming a part-time job to pay for rent and make extra savings. Though it may sound quite easy, it is a lot of work and entails detailed record keeping.


 Experiments for money

Although this fetches less than internet poker, it can earn you some coins. A student may earn about 140 euros per month for the experiments.

The experiments are mostly about which economic decisions to take in a given context. In a set fictional scene, the participant must cooperate with other teammates. The amount of money a participant cashes in, depends on the decisions the team makes.

Occasionally when a bad decision is made, the participant can walk away with as little as 5 euros, after two hours in the lab. The cash is paid after each experiment.


Driving Public Trams

Imagine, having to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, to drive around the public in a tram and only catch up with classes after shifts end. In Köln alone, 15-20 students can be found driving trams.

To become a tram driver, one needs to be at least 21 years old, and have a class B driving license. According to the Cologne Transport Authority (KVB), their part-time jobs are quite lucrative among students. One can earn between 12 to 17 Euros an hour.


The nature lover: grave maintenance

This part-time job is exclusively outdoor. It includes working in the cemetery, to earn a few euros. Unfortunately, the cemetery worker may sometimes become an object of ridicule. Although, for lovers of gardening the job could be quite exciting, it involves planting flowers, trimming hedges and mowing. Increasingly, most students are torn between balancing the part time job and academic work, so quitting to focus on studies is always the norm.

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