Simplified Naturalization (Einbürgerung) by the Linke Partei

Kenyan German Passport

The Linke Partei is quite busy in Berlin with some interesting ideas on naturalization of foreigners in Germany. Here are some of their proposals, I’d love to hear what you think about them.

  • Possibility of naturalization right after 5yrs of living in Germany
  • No income requirements and/or looking at whether the person has been on social welfare at that time
  • Free non complusory integration courses
  • No Naturalization tests (Einbügerungstest)
  • No language requirements, as long as someone can hold a conversation in Germany that’s enough
  • Dual Citizenship especially for kids by doing away with Optionszwang
  • Reduction of the Naturalization cost
  • Crimes committed before 2007 should also be none relevant (Bagatellgrenze)

Of course with elections coming up this summer, such promises might get the Linke in power. So for those who can vote, if you do vote for the Linke, you see what the “foreigners” will be getting.

What do you guys think? Possibility of these coming to pass? Do you think they are too much to ask for or within consideration?

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