This is Germany – Speak German

Recently during the Berlinale, they showed the Palestinian movie Lamma Shoftak (When I saw you). Like in many other movies and documentaries shown at the Berlinale this one also had a Q&A after the movie where people get to talk to the Producers, directors and/or even the cast. This movie having been filmed in arabic, it aired with English subtitles and this didn’t go too well with one of the attendees of the Berlinale.
The lady who got up and caused a scene, complained that the movie was aired with only english subtitles and that the discussions during the Q&A were held in English. According to her, “If you’re in Germany, you should speak German”, all those people should have been speaking in German and the movie should have had German subtitles as well.

LOL…..some of the crazy people we have on this earth though….lol… I’m assuming they should have the movie with subtitles in all languages spoken in the countries they’ll be visiting, si they should have recorded a radio show then and just have a screen of subtitles…..And to think we thought Obama being president would change such stuff, ha, he’s become president a second time and such fools still exist and guess what, they’ll continue to exist even when the German Chancellor is Afro-deutsch, mark my words.

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