A 9 year old interracial German shares her opinion on the use of the word Neger

As a way to sensitize the public and try to be more sensitive to the growing Afro-deutsch community, the German publishers came together and decided to do away with the word Neger from most children’s books (Read article here: Word “Neger” to be removed from all Classic Children’s Books).

Well this move led to some heated debate with some old white Germans deciding that the word wasn’t hurtful and it shouldn’t be done away with.

When one of the most respected papers Die Zeit did an article saying the word Neger wasn’t wrong and removing it from the children’s books would only be “hurting” the classicity (I know that’s not a word) of the classic books; he received a letter, I doubt he’ll be forgetting any time soon. A 9year old Senegalese German decided to share her thoughts with the editor of the paper…..

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