Getting Freiwilligen Sozialen Jahr (FSJ) from Kenya


We’ve been discussing this forever in the Kenyan forum, and everytime someone asks about it the one with the info promises to inbox the info to those interested. After forever of waiting for all those people to inbox me, I finally cornered someone willing to share the info…Tom Bayeye…thank you for sharing “It’s better to give than to receive”.

Now that Au Pair looks like it’s dying (being killed) in Kenya, imebidii watu watafute njia zingine. FSJ is basically a year (can be extended to 18months) where you volunteer in different social areas.

  • For those in Nairobi the requirements are:
  • Atleast a B1 in german (get it from Goethe, most of the private colleges aren’t recognized by the embassy)
  • Longterm Visa

Send an application (in German) to the place you’d like to do the FSJ and if they accept your application you take the acceptance letter to the embassy to process your visa. In some cases you’ll need to do an interview which you can set up via Skype or phone.

Tip: if you are doing it for someone in Kenya, you can handle the application for the FSJ here and just send the acceptance/confirmation to the person to process the visa in Kenya.

On the requirements for the FSJ/BFD/EFD/FÖJ and understanding the difference check: BFD vs FSJ or FSJ/BFD/EFD/FÖJ What is the difference?

Not sure where to apply for a position, check: Where to apply for FSJ/FÖJ.

Here are 2 links I got, if anyone has more links…add in the comment box below or send them to me and I’ll add them. (Thank you Teresia for sharing the link)

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