Kazuri Beads in Germany



If you’re a jewellery fan, you must have heard of Kazuri beads from Kenya. They are haute couture beads made and painted by hand at their workshop. If you’re not for the technicallities, the beads are plain amazing, they come in ALL shapes, sizes and colours from the small pearl like beads to huge marble sized ones; from plain boring coloured to bright coloured ones; from classy formal ones to playful fun beads. They have beads for everyone.

Fortunately, they’ve recently expanded to the German market, making it easy for Kazuri fans in Germany to order for the beads right here without having to wait for their trip back home. They now offer Kazuri beads for wholesalers and for retailers within Germany.

Kazuri started in 1975 in Nairobi as a project for single mothers, it has since grown and their products have been diversified from beads to pottery and dinnerware. What started as a small workshop in Nairobi has become the distributor to numerous countries.

You can like their FB page: Kazuri Germany on FB

Retailers like you and I that are simply crazy about jewellery can get these amazing pieces from Kazuri.de

Wholesalers can get the beads from Mekhada.de

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