Siemens’ Interactive Media Portal for kids

I bet you know by now that I LOVE Math and Sciences and I believe every child should be given a chance to fall in love with these fields. Some scientists at Siemens have come up with an interesting portal to make Math and Science interesting for the kids. Though the portal is meant for teachers to access material, the kids will be the ones to enjoy the most benefits.

Since the President  and his deputy promised children laptops,  it seems Siemens heard about it and got ready. I think every child should have this portal on their ‘favourites’ list when they get those laptops. It’s interactive and very educative for all age groups,  from pre school through primary upto secondary school. Some of the content is also relevant to the Uni students as well.

Looking at the education system in Kenya currently, children in public schools suffer the most with the overload of school-work since the introduction of free primary education.  This isn’t only in Kenya but also in Germany where children go to school for 6 hrs a day. It’s imperative that most parents get involved in their children’s education and offer them any extra help they might need in order to be at par with their age-mates worldwide.

This portal is in both english and german. It’s currently being used in over 70 countries, they are continuing to translate most of content and it’s still very useful as it is.

They not only offer Sciences and math but also language training. If you’re learning English, German, Spanish, Turkish or Czech, this is a portal you will love. If you’re like me and love the coloured learning experience, here’s where to check.

You can use the portal to download info for your child as well and just have fun in the house. Check it out and let me know what you think about it.

Watch Introduction Videos: Siemens Stiftung Videos
Access the content: Siemens Stiftung

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