How many binational couples are there in Germany?

Sylvia Amiani Ingo Böhnemann

A German Kenyan couple was featured recently in the Aachen newspaper. This was in relation to a bet that was going on during the Intergration Day in the city about how many binational couples they could get on stage during the event. They bet on a maximum of 200, this didn’t happen as only 150 showed up but that was a close call.

So the couple, who are very close friends on mine (hehehe, you should know people ama?). Anyway, Sylvia and Ingo have been together for a while. Sylvia came to Germany as an au pair in Frankfurt, then she later went to Uni in Darmstadt for her Bachelor and finally did her Masters in Coburg. She’s an incredible lady and such an inspiration. She’s the one that did the presentation about Au Pair rights (see it here). She’s a physical manifestation of most of our dreams when we move to Germany.

Back to the couple business. So she has has been dating Ingo for a while and they’re getting married soon but they say, they have experienced some prejudices due to being an interracial couple in Germany. They do agree that depending on which city you are in, being an interracial couple can be harder in some towns than in others.

So out of curiosity, I thought I check how many binational couples are in Germany. And the statistics I found are:
1.4 million (2008) couples are Germans with foreign partners
21 million (2008) couples are binational
87% (2008) are German-German couples
6% (2008) are foreign couples
7% (2008) 12.5% (2010) are Germans with foreigners

I know you’re wondering how this info helps you, in truth….it doesn’t….lol…just trying to feed my curiosity. So if you’ve been wondering…not….here’s the info.

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