Kenyan Bakers in Germany

Looking for someone to make a cake for your next event? Here are a couple of amazing bakers you could try out.

Grace Muchiri Haeublein in Frankfurt

Cake by Grace Muchiri Haeublein

Am very creative in mind and in my life, I call myself a cake Therapist

I started baking in 2011 but I always loved cooking and baking since I was a teenager. I would always find myself engrossed in cake magazines, flipping through the pages. I eventually took it up as hobby, that later became a profitable one.

I bake delicious moist cakes from scratch and decorate them using fresh cream or whipped cream. I also bake a variety of desserts for all party sizes (big or small)

Best experience as a baker:

When I get great feedback from my clients and when clients become repeat clients, sometimes making weekly orders. All this motivates and energizes me to bake even more.

Worst disaster as a baker:

I once baked a birthday cake for someone and I forgot one key ingredient but the client was very kind and I made it up to her by offering another cake for free.

New clients can see my work on my Facebook account: Grace Muchiri Haeublein; Instagram or on phone at +49 176 7293 5023. I’m based in the beautiful city, Frankfurt.


JB Cakes in Berlin

Cakes by JB Cakes

My official name is Jecinter Isaac Fuseini  (Jecie-Fauzya Fuseini). A wife and a mother of two who works full time in addition to hosting a TV show, being a fashion designer and baking cakes in my free time.

It’s been 2 years since I joined the bakers club as a “self taught” baker which all started by coincidence.

While expecting my second child, I would stay home and get bored after my husband left for work and my son went to Kindergarten. On a whim, I went into town and bought equipment and ingredients and decided to try this out. I nearly gave up after I throwing out half-baked cakes and spending quite a bit of cash. After several trials, I finally got it, though not confident enough to share with the public.

Before my best friend’s birthday, my husband suggested I gift her a cake. Unsure, I asked her about it and she agreed. After the party, I started getting calls from every corner in Berlin and this was so encouraging and overwhelming, so I thought of getting more creative to earn more cash.

You can find me on the Facebook page JBCakes where you can see my work or directly DM me if you have questions. I have a WhatsApp business line to get in touch with me +49 152 1016 0259.


Nancy Priepke in Munich

Cakes by Nancy Priepke

1. How did you get started?

Before my son turned 4 years old I was wondering what cake i would order for him, because every time i ordered cakes we had so much leftovers that i begun to wonder what was wrong with the cakes, so i asked my kids and they said the cakes were either too sweet or too hard, so started to look for some information on how i can make fondant cakes on my own, one day as i was shopping i met an ex workmate of mine and as we were talking she told me that she makes cakes and actually has like a class about Fondant Cakes, so i booked the class, this turned out to be so much fun and 3 days later i baked my son’s cake and there were no leftovers.

2. How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been doing it for almost 3 years now.

3. Best experience as a baker?

The excitement i see on my kids faces or my friends every time they see their birthday cakes.

4. Worst disaster as a baker?

I once forgot to add baking powder, so i had to start the whole process again and also forgot to add the baking powder for the second time

5. Where can people see your work?

I don’t have an FB Page for my cakes because I just bake for family and friends, but i will soon be opening an FB Page.

6. Where are you based?

In Munich

7. How can people get in touch?

Via FB or Email: FB Profile.


Shiqs Cakes in Mannheim

Cakes by Shiqs Cakes

Find her on Facebook at Shiqs Cakes.


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